The main aim of our English program, practiced by Turkish and native speaking teachers, is to make our students love English, to make them aware of the possibility of communicating in another language, and to emphasize the benefits of learning the target language.


• In our programme, which aims to improve verbal communication, which includes the active learning model, our students will learn and live with language, enjoy listening and speaking English, and reinforce their knowledge using as much as possible in their daily lives.

• A variety of game-based activities provide for active participation of learners in language use, workshops, and using foreign languages they learn in different areas. Drama, TPR (Total Physical Response), music and puppets are the most used methods for effectively using language. Rich audiovisual instruments play a major role in reinforcing what they learn about daily conversation activities, songs sung in motion, rhymes and games.
• In the context of English activities, it is our aim to reach every student with different teaching techniques by using hands-on activities, music and movement-based activities, computer assisted activities, drama, science/nature/culinary activities, story books and projects considering that the students have different learning styles.

• In our English program, supported by different branches, we try to create opportunities for our students to learn, use and learn by living in their everyday lives.

Intergrated Programmes in TED Atakent College Kindergarten
For the 5 year-old age group, the subjects covered in the Turkish curriculum under the CLIL curriculum are also taught in English. The aim of the programme, which is run concurrently with the mother tongue is to grow language awareness to our students, hence giving them the opportunity to gain awareness in the cultural sense.

• Creative Thinking / SCAMPER

SCAMPER is a creativity tool, helping kids brainstorm and come up with different thinking techniques. The outcome of thinking outside the box is to innovate and create unique products.


English phonics lessons are conducted with 5 year-old age groups as phonological awareness studies. The aim of these lessons is to teach children how letters and sounds are made up into speech sounds. The aim of a “phonics” lesson is to develop phonological awareness through songs, sensory games and story-telling activities.

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