• English language training at all TED Schools is conducted in line with the English curriculum specific to the TED in K12, which was drafted on the basis of the European Common Language Framework and approved by the Ministry of National Education and published on July 2012.

• The aim of our school is to enable our students to gain the ability to express themselves best in a foreign language by using English as a universal language in national and international platforms, to teach them how to use basic structures and vocabulary appropriate to their level, to help them recognize and understand other cultures and lifestyles.
• We aim to develop the level of skills they learn in the classroom and help them use these strategies in their everyday lives.
• Under the European Common Language Framework, our aim for students is to be able to speak English, to understand what they read and what they listen to, and to have basic skills in written expression at the level of CEF-A1 / 2 and to be successful in international English exams.


• Our program aims to improve verbal communication which includes an active learning model. Our students learn the language through experience and by having fun, enjoying to hear and speak English and by making use of as much language as possible in daily life.
• In the 21st century, the skills of creativity, critical thinking, communication and cooperation should be developed for a qualified and successful life. For this purpose, at TED Atakent College, education, school and social life are combined.
• The basic philosophy of teaching English is based on the fact that language is a social entity. A student who is taking an English course should enjoy doing this, must see all work as a part of everyday life by “internalizing” English. For this, the training system and the curriculum include intensive interactive work in each area.
• Storytelling, language games, creative drama and projects are important parts of our learning model.
• Interdisciplinary Approach and CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning refers to teaching subjects such as science and math through a foreign language) are in line with the curriculum implemented by our class teachers and Turkish teachers. Thus, our students are implementing a spiraling skill development program within the framework of the same themes and target achievements in both their mother tongue and their English education.
• Our professionals know the characteristics of this period of success of our program. What is important here is to be able to develop curiosity and empathy for a new language in students and to develop their ability to express themselves in an environment where they feel comfortable through activities.
• English and Second Foreign Language education is designed as a communication tool, not as a course.
• Based on the idea that the foreign language will develop intercultural awareness, it is taken into account that each child is a separate individual, a different level of intelligence and different learning styles , thus we apply multiple intelligence theory methods.
• Inquiry Learning and the Student-Centered approach form the basis of English language courses. We also run various projects in our school. With these projects; we aim for our students to develop a positive attitude for learning, to use imagination and research skills, to develop problem solving, questioning, creative thinking skills and to establish cause-effect relationships.
• In our technologically equipped classrooms, with the help of computer and internet supported programs and with the support of our foreign teachers, our students can express themselves effectively in all language skills such as speaking, reading, writing and listening. In addition to the in-class and extracurricular activities that enables our students to acquire the language in its natural context, we also create a learning environment for them to get familiar with the foreign cultures.
• In our schools, English language education is followed by exams given by the TED Headquarters at primary and secondary school level.

Intergrated Programs in TED Atakent College Primary School

• Creative Drama

• Big Book / Story Telling

• Phonics

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