Middle School Foreign Languages

At TED Atakent College, a program developed by Turkish Education Association and TED Ankara College has been implemented. Our classes are assessed as preparatory classes and an intensive program with 17 hours of English language classes.

Our students will be able to take the exams developed by the Cambridge University at the end of each year and certify their achievements with a certificate of international validity. According to our English program which is prepared in line with the European Language Common Criteria (CEFR), our curriculum aims for our 5th grade students to reach A2.1, A2.2 for our 6th grade students, B1.1 for our 7th grade students and B1.2 for our 8th grade students.

In all class levels, additional work is done either individually or in groups. Assessment examinations are carried out at all levels and the results of these examinations are evaluated by our parents and students. Furthermore, these exams made during the year are evaluated by the Measurement and Evaluation Office within the Turkish Education Association; unit analysis of courses, presentation tables, exam analyzes are created and feedback is given to TED Schools.

Foreign Language Teaching Strategy

Our basic approach is to create a classroom environment in which our students can learn the foreign language in a meaningful and effective manner based on modern teaching methods and differentiated learning models that take individual differences and learning styles into account.

Care is taken to ensure that these classroom environments also reflect the international perspective of our institution and make our students feel part of today’s global world. We believe that the most effective language teaching system is based on the cooperation of Turkish and foreign teachers who support active student participation and we plan our academic studies in this direction.

Language and Production:

Based on the principle of studying and learning English, the system uses ”Language and Production” (LP), in an open and systematic way. The course materials are used help to explain the English language mechanisms. At the same time, these materials serve to make the learned language permanent, with activities for practicing and comprehensive interactive work. Within this system, our teachers support our students with engaging and progressively challenging work and thus guide them in improving their confidence in themselves and their ability to better understand and acquire the language they are learning. Language and Production courses are aimed at ensuring that the intended learners can use the English language properly and fluently with confidence. In classroom practices and classroom activities, social environments in which students use foreign languages are created realistically. In the classroom activities, the students explain their real thoughts and feelings and use the foreign language while improving their speaking and writing skills by encouraging their learning by trial and error.

Interaction and Literature:

Our English education, conducted by foreign teachers, is the “Interactivity and Literature” (IL) approach, which performs skill enhancement exercises in the previous components through text readings and language presentations at increasing difficulty levels. The rich content and interaction-focused work presented in the IL program gives our students the opportunity to build a bridge between their language skills and their communication competencies. A strong emphasis is placed on the production of effective language skills with a wide variety of lessons.
The Second Foreign Language

Though English is the primary focus of foreign language acquisition, TED Atakent language courses also include Spanish, German and French as second foreign language courses. Our Foreign Language Department aims to progress towards becoming a world citizen by learning about different cultures and respecting differences while developing the ability to express themselves in another language. Second foreign language classes are given two hours per week. TED Atakent College students will demonstrate their proficiency in these languages by entering the international FIT, DELE and DELF exams.

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